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Francesca C, Schenectady, NY, 5/4/2011  
When my friend/fellow Yelper, Amber F, said she wanted to check out the Flores Family Restaurant, I was skeptical for a few reasons. First, because this would be the first time Amber would drive "all the way to Schenectady" since I moved here (and left her in Troy) so I didn't believe she would actually show up. Second, it's on the not-so-great part of State Street that I wouldn't imagine a delicious restaurant would be. Lastly, I've never had Peruvian food.

As skeptical as I was, the fact that Amber DID show up made me excited to try new food despite it's location. As a vegetarian, I was pleased with my options but later discovered that more than half of what we ordered wasn't Peruvian anyways, but regardless, it was tasty. We ordered bean & cheese pupusas (although the waitress' misunderstanding of English combined with Amber's mumbling got her just cheese pupusas), platanos maduros (plantains) and a corn tamale which were all super delicious.

The bill came to just under $20 and that was for two people + 2 pupusas to take home. I still can't get over how incredibly inexpensive this place was considering how delicious it was.

Daniel B, Albany, NY, 5/3/2010  
I am so happy that I may very well eat myself into oblivion.

There are not a lot of authentic ethnic restaurants in the area, much less ones that offer authentic regional cuisine.  Sure we have a few Latin restaurants, but never would I have imagined there would be a Peruvian restaurant in Schenectady.  

Pupusas are here.

They've got the trifecta: Cheese filled, bean & cheese filled, and pork & cheese filled.  They've got Peruvian tamales, wrapped in a banana instead of the traditional Mexican cornhusk.  They've got plantains served with cream.  They have fried yuca.  They have fried yuca that comes with fried pork, with generous amounts of unctuous pork fat.  

Don't be the ugly American and trim the fat, only to leave it uneaten on the side of the plate.  I've been told by a trusted source, it's very good for the complexion.

Plus they have regional beverages: Sodas, beers and purple corn based soft drinks.

The prices are very reasonable.  I don't think anything was over $12 and they have several items that are less than $3.  The service is friendly and English speaking (although I was greeted in Spanish and very much appreciated it).  The menu has loose English translations, but the hand written specials do not.  

It's a small place, probably fewer than 10 tables, and a counter that at one time used to be a bar.  It's only open for lunch on Sunday.  And when I went at 1 p.m. this past weekend, the place was busy, but I had no problem getting a seat.

In all honesty, this isn't really a 5* Peruvian restaurant.  The food is certainly solid, but probably between 3* and 4*. The bonus comes from a combination of value and authenticity, and the giddy excitement of finding pupusas in Schenectady.

B- Oct 20, 2008
Great Food and Friendly Service A real treat if you're looking for Authentic South American Food. Great portions and the service is phenomenal. If you're looking for flavor, try this family owned restaurant rather than any of the 'spanish' or 'mexican' restaurants in Albany or Colonie! A real gem for those with discerning tastes!